Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maui's Small Business Fold One By One. The Strawberry Lady and My Grandson

As we see many Small Businesses folding up and either For Rent or Lease signs taking their place and in many cases Real Estate agencies posting signs to sell the properties, it's a great time to get super deals on Maui Real Estate, especially Commercial Long term.

One place close to my heart was a small Family Farm up in Omaopio, just below Kula. There was an old Japanese lady that ran a Strawberry stand with the Strawberries growing behind her.

My Grandson and I enjoyed stopping and buying a basket of her Strawberries or home-made Jam and munching away. In fact, I was luck if I got any. It was always a great adventure.

The other month I noticed a For Sale sign on the property and recently noticed the stand was gone. I never knew the ladies name and what the circumstances are behind the sale, but I assume that with her age and maybe a lack of family or family willing to continue on, she has chosen to retire.

Here are a few picks of My grandson enjoying his favorite snack.

The Stand is gone, but the Strawberries are still growing!

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