Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maui Grown Body & Soil Health Conference Weeks Away

Maui Aloha Aina Association"s Annual Body & Soil Health Conference countdown:

Remember Early Registration End January 8, 2010.

Jerry Brunetti
Speaks to:
Health from the Gut Up and Soil a Super Organism. To listen to how Jerry cured himself of non-Hodgkins lymphoma follow this link

To read more on Jerry at EmpowerMaui's website with video

For More on Jerry's Website

Dr. Paul Hepperly
Speaks to:
Practical ways for us to apply compost and cover crop modalities into our gardening and farming systems, along with showing his great visuals and science based results.

For more on Paul Hepperlyl

Theresa Vernon
Speaks to:
Mitigating  the effects of copper toxicity and other heavy metals that are blocking nutrient uptake and
how she cured herself of Epilepsy using these protocols.

For More on Theresa Vernon's Website

Michael Martin Melendrez
Speaks to:
The soil food web and how to sustain a vital soil in wet and especially dry environments.

To read more and check out some video.

For More on Michael Melendrez's website

This is information I have never heard here on Maui, now you will!!!!

Come Jan14th to a FREE pre-conference event meeting with these presenters at Kihei Charter
School 6pm.

More info:

South Maui Sustainability is such a shinning light over on the south side that folks come from all over the island to attend their monthly meetings. They are co-sponsoring this pre-conference event featuring it as their first meeting of the New Year.

Thats what I call leadership!!!

I was among many that took up the offer for the Tissue Hair Analysis and after having discussed it with Theresa by phone and then reading the Laboratory Report, which is pretty comprehensive and meets the Government Regulatory Standards (CLIA), it's like they were looking over my shoulder at my life.
My personal health challenges were made a lot more clear to me and why I am now now facing them.

I can't wait to see how bringing my balance back into the correct ranges over the next few months to a year will affect me.

It has to be better than just having doctors prescribe more medicines that in themselves may compensate, but ultimately cause even further degradation of my health.

I have to admit, I wasn't completely sold on the analysis and if it would just tell me I have too many metals in my body, which is what I expected, than I would have been more doubtful about the results. But it turned out, unlike many, I am dangerously low on many minerals due to being a low oxidizer among other issues.

So a retest later in the program should be an eye opener. For those that have already started making the corrections, they say the changes are pretty amazing.

Remember Early Registration End January 8, 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Youth Homelessness a real problem NOT being a Legal Adult

If you are under age legally, in Hawaii 18, you probably don't qualify for many, if any services. There are no shelters that will take in underage kids without parents.

So what do these kids do? Probably like their adult counter parts and end up at the beach. With Winter approaching and it getting rainier, it's a rougher life.

Besides having very few services to turn to for help, they also run the risk of just being kids living on the beach and among many different people, may of who may be heavy drug or alcohol users.

Here is a video of one man's efforts to help out in West Virginia, Luke Stafford. He is the camera man for the effort to raise money for youth homelessness.

Tellman is running across the United States to raise money and barefoot in addition.

It's really no surprise to me in growing up on Maui and seeing third and even fourth generation kids that were raised in an environment of drugs and alcohol and parents in jail or just gone, to have to fend for themselves.

Can you imagine what it is like to never know if you will get a full night sleep without being beaten up or harassed. Whether you will see a meal the next day or even two? The adult's living in their cars by the beach go through it with smashed car windows, vandalism and fear for their safety. They are all around us on Maui whether you choose to see them or not.

Luke Stafford his doing his part in a very cold and snowy West Virginia. We may be on Maui, but the weather can still take it's toll, the law can be constantly moving "campers" and entire families, even with working parents are living on the beach.

This is Luke's message and effort. I am already working on extending the efforts to Hawaii. The "official ending" is in Los Angeles by spring, but I believe from their the 50th State should top off the run. More on this later.

For now watch Luke's video:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring and I Ran out of Coffee on Maui

Woke early to get some work done and remembered to late that we were out of coffee, augh!

Luckily I'm only a block away from the mall and Starbucks and being that they should have been open a half hour already, I hustled to get ready and ran down there only to find out their coffee wasn't done brewing either, augh again!

I grabbed a bag, hating to pay the price for the "Christmas Blend" and ran back home to grind up and make a pot. Whew, oh and it was pouring the whole time, just lovely.

But freshly brewed coffee in hand and ready to get some work done, videos being processed as I write, (Santa I need a couple of computers to all work at once, hint, hint),  Rains coming down hard and I need to start wrapping it up to go to my "real job" to sit in sub zero air-conditioned office space, since it's too rainy to get much outside work finished. Better pack my thick jacket too.

Life on Maui, versus vacationing on Maui are not quite the same. I think I would rather be vacationing on a cold early morning in some location or cabin I've never been to, than to do a 10 hour job.

As the witch told Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, "All in good time deary, all in good time."

So for now I put in my time, and keep my mind on the goals and where I want to be and it will happen.

Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian) and have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sales Letters Creator 2009 Deal Ends At Midnight Tonight

I’m sure you’ve been hearing, if not reading about the Chad Michaels now infamous software, Sales Letters Creator 2009.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hail Storm Hits Kahului Maui Hawaii

Sitting in Starbucks looking over a thinning Sunday Morning Maui News. I watched the lightning up on Haleakala as I drove to get a coffee and paper.

With only sprinkles on the way, I was very surprised to suddenly hear what sounded like people throwing rocks at the large picture windows.

As the squeals erupted throughout the coffee shop I realized we were being hit by a Hail Storm.

Never having even been in snow before, I have to say the sudden onslaught of Hail, Wind, Lightning and Thunder as the day was just beginning to lighten up was a surprising event to not only me, but the many other people in the shop.

Kahului sits at sea level, so to see Hail here as opposed to the slopes of the 10,000 foot Volcano Haleakala was a shocker.

It lasted about five minutes and then just began to rain heavily and right now there is no wind a very little rain. A puddle next to the window where water found it's way in the building, but beyond that it looks like it may just be another overcast slightly rainy day for Kahului Maui Hawaii today.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

1930's RickenBacker Hawaiian Steel Lap Guitar

As much as I would love to keep it and hand it down to my grand children, the fact is being steel in Hawaii is rough on an Antique Instrument and I really have no ability to restore it properly, although it is in good shape for so many years of being lovingly played by the previous owner, but it does show it's use.

If there is anyone interested in purchasing this instrument from me, I would love to communicate with them. It could be reused or just kept as a collectors item, your choice.

I am awaiting more info on it from the RickenBacker Company. I have had little success in matching the exact version on the internet.

Here is a picture and more available via a webpage if interested. Please contact me at if interested.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too Much in One Blog

In an effort to not overwhelm people that read my EmpowerMaui Blogspot posts and yet stick to the theme of Sustainability, I've decieded to put more of the Business end of getting out of debt and making money on my Blog.

So having started up my WordPress blog and creating my first post, I was blown away by the number of comments and they were all positive about the product. The shortened Url for the first shortened url to the post is and now the second shortened Url for the next post is at

In the future I will try to put the business related posts on Wordpress and then mention them here. I may even do the same for different areas.

I would like the EmpowerMaui.blogspot to be more of a center of information and then point to places where more details relating to the subject can be dealt with. I hope that works out better and doesn't just confuse things.

While there are many areas that deal with Sustainability in everyones lives, not everyone is interested in it all and I hope by breaking it up a bit more I can help people stay more interested and apply more useful information.

Please feel free to sign up at my blog or website at, to help me serve you more useful information.

Jim Hall
EmpowerMaui LLC

Maui Crazy, but I would rather be in the mountains

Here is a picture I took of the Maui Sunset as I pulled into my yard.

Now I know people think I a crazy because I would like to live in the mountains, but after growing up on Maui, it would be nice to at least spend some time off the island.
Actually I'm heading for the Island of Lanai today. Formerly all Pineapple and 98% owned by David Murdock of Dole Pineapple fame and once completely closed down for Bill (Microsoft) Gate's Wedding.
All work though, not for play.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Maui Soil and Body Health Conference

We congratulate those that did save some money by registering before the December 14, 2009 for the annual Body & Soil Health Conference held on Maui in January and then on to the Big Island of Hawaii for an encore performance Hawaii Island-Style.

Myself I am looking forward to my first time attending the Big Island Conference. While I will be more than ready to help were I can, I think I will be able to just enjoy the speakers more and having some downtime won't hurt either.

The Maui event takes most of the year to plan and while the staff get some downtime, we are there to make sure the registered guests are the most important part of the conference and try to always keep thinking a few steps ahead about what needs to be done to make sure it is a very rewarding and educational conference. And always fun too!

You can still register and it's still worth many times the price of admission. Please visit or call (808) 242-7870, so we can get you on the list.

And don't forget we are limited to the number of vendors, so all you vendors get signed up now. Two tickets and a table under the tent with electric. Plus you can sell your products and add to your exposure and the sooner you sign o the sooner we can add you to our advertising via websites, blogs and newsletters. That's free advertising!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Body & Soil Health Conference

Early Registration for the Body & Soil Health Conference is over on Month the 14th of December, 2009. So there is one last day to get your registration in if you are going to be on Maui in January 2010.
there are Four Amazing Speakers that will be there and they are top notch Speakers from the Mainland.

The theme revolves around the micro-Organisims that exist not only in the Soil but our Bodies. It's a conference you don't want to miss! The cost for people in Hawaii is very little considering the closeness of the conference and there will be camping allowed on the Organic Farm that it takes place on.

Food is served throughout the weekend with some off the best Locally Grown Food for lunch and snacks at the breaks.

There is a Soil Analysis and Tissue Hair Analysis done at discounted rates and I just had mine verbally reported to me with the full analysis coming next week. It's amazing how much the analysis really told my story about my health issues and what I can do about making corrections.

The deadline to request the analysis is also the 14th. It should be interesting to see in three to six months how much of a difference it can make with myself. Surprisingly I turned up low in many areas and considering the health challenges and weight loss I have been through over the last year, it is not surprising.

Theresa Vernon will be going over the Tissue Hair Analysis and it is a good chance for some one-on-one time with her. Theresa's website is and her front page is almost like reading my bio. Check it out and read through her many sections. It's really amazing how much a Tissue Hair Analysis can tell you. If nothing else it can give you some direction and a starting point at understanding where you are at in our health.

So register for the Maui Conference in January or the Big Island of Hawaii the following week. They will also be giving a short presentation at the South Maui Sustainability meeting prior to the Maui conference. It will be a good time to come out and meet them.

For more or to register go to or call (808) 242-7870 on Maui.

Here are a few links for some good places to get more information on Farming in general:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GoGVO is a killer application


I have spent many years, using many sites to do my online marketing. Since August a company named GoGVO has put together a killer site that allows you to build pages that include video, email capture and anything you want to write about.
It can be used to market any kind of product and include video, while building your marketing list too!

It has a built-in auto responder to send messages at an interval you like and any email you want at pre-determined times, it has a conference room to allow you to get your clients together for presentations and a forum with all kinds of helpful people to work with.

There are hundreds of pre-made templates that can be customized for your particular use and in many categories. They also have a huge list of pre-made templates for just marketing the GoGVO System.

All of this and more have very easy to follow tutorials that even the beginner can use and create some impressive campaigns with.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Ramblings-Going all over the Place

As I take my occasional indulgent early morning break at Starbucks on Maui, the sound of Christmas Music is played intermittently between jazz songs and the "seasonal" coffees are predominate at the counter. Not one for involving much sugar, especially corn based, I did opt in for one pump of ginger bread flavor just to add to the seasonal feel.
Having grown up on Maui, never even being in snow, relating to "traditional Christmas Songs" is all a perception. The air conditioning in Starbucks does help add to the feel that is related to my Christmas perception.

By the way, as Self Sustainability is a primary Theme behind my EmpowerMaui sites and company, the Sunday coffee and newspaper are my one real indulgence I allow myself.

With the Economy the way it is and Countries like China opting to put their money into Countries like Africa, rather than a debt ridden Country like the good old US of A, getting debt under control and maximizing your income is very important to personal survival. We 50 and above crowd will find manual labor tougher to handle in our more seniors years. I recently read of a retire 76 year old man that retired thinking he could finally relaxe and choose his activities and time. He now get's up at 4:30am to go to work as a golf cart mechanic. Not out of his choice to stay busy, but because his company he spent most of his life working for made bad decisions and his retirement turned out to be a third or quarter of what he expected.

So when I speak of Education, Einstein said something about it begins at birth and never ends, and alternate ways of creating an in come, it is because whether we like it or not, money is still a key factor is Self Sustainability.

Along that line for those that are inclined to internet business, and every business should have an internet presence, I have found one company that really seems to have some great instructional information, whether you use the internet or are a beginner looking to use it. They have become kind of a one stop shop for all the resources. They offer the ability to help your business grow it's reach to the world and what I really like is their video section. For those that are more familiar with just working at being found in the huge internet market or not building s page to attract customers or people to communicate with is critical and GVO's combination between video, templates in the 100's, along with built in email sign up, really can cut out the work involved and the learning curve needed to make it happen. They also have a very helpful bunch always available through their forum.

I just learned that some exciting video tutorials and more are being released. This means it's is going to be even more helpful.
With all the programs out their GVO does seem to be really working to put it all together. Of couse having some of the biggest names in Marketing being tied to this program helps.

If you would like to look it over go to http:// and take a look. I think they may still offer 30 days use for $1 and if you make some serious use of that 30 days, it could be very profitable and then you can decide if it works for you.

Well, I could go on to other subjects, but will get back to my paper and little time left this morning for my Sunday break. My grand daughter will be with me today, so it's time to run.

Aloha and have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Maui's 1st Friday Event Afterwards

It started out a pretty rainy afternoon on the way up to Old Wailuku town to attend the 1st Friday monthly Event to kick off the Christmas season.
These events are real shots in the economy for Wailuku. There were a lot of people showed up, plenty of vendors and the usual array of bands from Baldwin High School choral group, that I just missed the last song on, to Hawaiian, Jazz, rock and some Slam Poetry.

Being only a few hours long, things wrap up pretty quickly, but there is a lot of activity all going on at once. I managed to get pictures and video and spend a little time talking with shop owners.

One concern a few years ago was that the Happy Vally side of Main street is kind of left out, so it was good to see some brand new shops doing butique Salon and even Acupuncture opening closer to the Happy Valley side.

The trick now is to get the people not to forget about Wailuku. Kahului always seems to over shadow Wailuku when it comes to commerce.

I'm hoping to get my videos processed and uploaded to eventually be seen, maybe even tomorrow if things work out.

Aloha Friday and the Lighting of the Christmas Lights In Wailuku

Well I made it to at least the start of Aloha Friday on Maui. Just getting ready to go out the door to work.

Tonight is the Lighting of the Christmas Lights in Old Wailuku Town during their Monthly 1st Friday event when the Main Street fills with People and the Shops stay open Late. The Crafters and Musicians set up everywhere from almost Happy Valley to the other end of Main Street.

I have enjoyed many wonderfully nights just walking the streets, checking out the people and exploring the shops. The bands set up in various nooks and cranny's. One shop La Bohemia near th Happy valley side has got to be one of the classsiest shops. Maggie, the owner (who may have her first child by now, if so Congrats!) She and her staff always keep an elegant second hand shop that makes you feel like your both Down-Home and in High Society at the same time and always some great goodies to taste or mull over, The restaurants like Cafe Marc Aurel are filled to capacity and their music is always great and there are a number of new clothing shops and such, even in a time when most places are shutting down.

Old Wailuku Town was the Main Town in Maui's days gone by with it's Wailuku Grand Hotel. I actually stayed there upon moving to Maui as a kid. While it was more of a high rise generic hotel then, it did offer me my first glimpse of waking up on a Maui Morning and looking at the West Maui Mountain's Iao Valley.
It's now a medical center.

there are some great books describing Wailuku's past, but for now I hope to enjoy Tonights's 1st Friday Events and hope they carry on. Winter tends to shut it down until Summer, but it's the one time of each Month when the essence of Old Wailuku Town seems to come out and like the ghost of Christmas present, makes itself felt.

Hope everyone's December is off to a good start and remember it's the Love you give and not the gifts that hold meaning for a lifetime.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Renewable Energy - What Are The Realistic Choices?

When it comes to Renewable Energy, just how many choices do we really have?


Although in today's world, the most prominent and promising ones would be Solar, Hydro and Wind Power. Our world is heading for destruction if it does not get a hold on the reins of fossil fuel consumption.

Now, we all know that since such Energy is non-renewable, sooner or later, depletion is most certainty the eventual outcome. Instead of leaving things to chance, we can always turn our focus to Renewable Energy Solutions.

The Sun is like a huge reservoir that is abundant in Energy. This is Free Energy. We have, up to this point, wasted the Sun Light for so many centuries. Now is the time to recoup that Energy by tapping the Solar Power to meet our Energy needs. By using Solar Energy, we are living green as well. The Sun is used today in Solar Heating Systems, Residential Solar Power Systems, Solar Dryers etc.

Other than being green and renewable, did you know that Solar Panels are built to last for decades? Most systems can last for up to 30 years. This not only saves you money and effort on its maintenance, there is hardly any repair needed as well. While it can be costly to install one at home, you will recoup the initial investment overtime.

Wind Power is another powerful and free resource nature has given us. Civilization has made use of it in many ways and for many, many years. Windmills are nothing new and have been used by different countries as a water pump or as other mechanical devices, such as grinding grains. Today, they are used to convert Wind Power into Electricity. When used for this purpose they are more often referred to as Wind Turbines. (See picture at the right of this post)

Large Wind Farms have been built to supply many homes with power. (See the picture of the First Wind operation built on Maui I just took a picture of from a distance.) While some may think they do not look aesthetic today, there are many that forget they are there. In fact, I just read a report, and I wish I could remember where, but they have not adversely affected the Real Estate Prices of homes located near them. They tend to blend well with the landscape. Unless you let them keep bothering you. That's a choice we make about most things around us.

Hydro Energy, the power of running water has been tapped for decades now. This has been used to provide Electrical Power in automotive and electrical appliances. Dams can often supply enough energy to sustain an entire town or city.

Maui does have some Hydro Electric Generation. the Big Island of Hawaii has quite a bit, but there are not too many dams to worry about. Getting enough water to run them, well that's a story by itself.

One product that I have bought and hope to put to use between work, blogging, raising grandchildren and putting on Health Conferences and Farm Tours is the Earth4Energy package. The ad is located on the right of this blog and should be on my website soon.

I recently gave away a copy to a Small Farm Family in Kentucky. Hopefully, I will have some updates on how they make out. The package has so much information, step by step plans, videos and lists of resources that you could literally build a Solar Panel for a few hundred dollars and probably double your money making them for your neighbors. That could be a nice little side money for those that have organized garages, unlike mine.