Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hail Storm Hits Kahului Maui Hawaii

Sitting in Starbucks looking over a thinning Sunday Morning Maui News. I watched the lightning up on Haleakala as I drove to get a coffee and paper.

With only sprinkles on the way, I was very surprised to suddenly hear what sounded like people throwing rocks at the large picture windows.

As the squeals erupted throughout the coffee shop I realized we were being hit by a Hail Storm.

Never having even been in snow before, I have to say the sudden onslaught of Hail, Wind, Lightning and Thunder as the day was just beginning to lighten up was a surprising event to not only me, but the many other people in the shop.

Kahului sits at sea level, so to see Hail here as opposed to the slopes of the 10,000 foot Volcano Haleakala was a shocker.

It lasted about five minutes and then just began to rain heavily and right now there is no wind a very little rain. A puddle next to the window where water found it's way in the building, but beyond that it looks like it may just be another overcast slightly rainy day for Kahului Maui Hawaii today.

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  1. I know?!! I was sitting in Church (King's Cathedral), and the noise of it was deafening!


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