Friday, December 4, 2009

Maui's 1st Friday Event Afterwards

It started out a pretty rainy afternoon on the way up to Old Wailuku town to attend the 1st Friday monthly Event to kick off the Christmas season.
These events are real shots in the economy for Wailuku. There were a lot of people showed up, plenty of vendors and the usual array of bands from Baldwin High School choral group, that I just missed the last song on, to Hawaiian, Jazz, rock and some Slam Poetry.

Being only a few hours long, things wrap up pretty quickly, but there is a lot of activity all going on at once. I managed to get pictures and video and spend a little time talking with shop owners.

One concern a few years ago was that the Happy Vally side of Main street is kind of left out, so it was good to see some brand new shops doing butique Salon and even Acupuncture opening closer to the Happy Valley side.

The trick now is to get the people not to forget about Wailuku. Kahului always seems to over shadow Wailuku when it comes to commerce.

I'm hoping to get my videos processed and uploaded to eventually be seen, maybe even tomorrow if things work out.

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