Monday, December 21, 2009

Sales Letters Creator 2009 is LIVE! Go Now…

Ask anyone (And I do mean *ANYONE*) the difference
between striking it big on the internet and losing your shirt
in a sea of competition, and you will almost always get
the exact same answer.
A sales letter that turns browsers into ravenous BUYERS!

If you have a product of your own, plan to have a product, or
just want to supercharge your work at home efforts, making
more money even easer usually means hiring an expensive
pushy copywriter.
Untill now…

Thanks to a special deal I have made with the creator of
this simple new software, the days of people closing your
ad and giving money to someone else could be over forever.
Imagine, In just 20 minutes from now, this new software
could be spitting out sales letters so polished, so
effective, you will wonder why no one came up with it
years ago!

But be sure to go right now, the creator is under strict
orders from “You know who” to pull this down the
SECOND his limit is hit.
Could be minutes, could be hours, just make sure
you have your copy before it comes down,
Looking out for you :-)

Jim Hall
EmpowerMaui LLC

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