Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Body and Soil Health Conferences Hangs Out in Volcano

After leaving Kona, having finished the Body and Soil Farm Health Conference for 2010, we traveled around the South Point of the Island of Hawaii and ended up with friends in the Village of Volcano.

Quite a bit cooler than Kona, but very dry for January and with the Volcano spewing out gases much closer now than the years in the past, many of the plants show the signs of the acid turning their leaves yellow and brown,

A few of the group went to the Halemaumau steam vents to enjoy the natural steam and the rest of us are just waiting to pack up and leave once they return. One more night in Kona and then we all return to our homes from Maui to the East Coast.

Here are a few pictures of the place we stayed in Volcano.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Amazing Money Making Tool Box and Internet Marketing All-In-One Site

Working with many different programs throughout the year to build the Internet presence on the web, I have come across many different programs. The program that I have been part since September is a mixture of many tools that are backed-up by some of the highest named Internet Marketing Individuals.

This programs or whole system is only limited by your imagination and allows you to start out with basic pre=made templates or to build your own professional pages with video using a large assortment of pre-made templates that just require you to insert your own message via text and video.

The wonderful part of the templates that can be made is that they can be made for use in selling, (as in makinging good money), any product and better yet, if youor someone you know  have a few businesses that have no Internet presence, you can easily create a page to help them sell their product AND create a mainling list for them to build their customer base upon.

I know my mind has a great number of possibilities floating around, if I can just get through this last day of our Non-Profit Maui Aloha Aina Association, a 501c3 Organization's Body and Soil Farm Health Conference 2010 here in Kona, Hawaii.

If you would like to take a look at the system and even try it out for only a $1, you can find it on many of my pages at http://EmpowerMaui.GoGVO.com/trial/11.  Since their are about 17 similiar pages, you just change the number in the url from 1 up to 17, you can look at a number of different pages they offer.
I just picked the one without video and audio so it wouldn't suddenly pop up and scare you or have your boss looking over your cubicle wall to see what your doing.

Maybe after this, you won't need to worry about a boss looking over any of your walls.

Also Joel Therien the President of GoGVO is giving away, that's right giving away his three year old red BMW. So if you need a BMW just to park outside your house or in your driveway and maybe even drive it to work, watch this site and that begins in about a week from today and I will have the sign up site info at that time.

Well time to get this Conference underway and hit the ground running.

Aloha World!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Big Piggy Ate The Garden.

  • This Big Piggy at Lettuce,
  • This Big Piggy had Swiss Chard.
  • This Big Piggy uprooted the Squash.
  • And this Big Piggy ate Macadamia Nuts with the rest of the loose Piggies.
After a very busy 1st day of the Body and Soil Farm Health Conference above Kailua, Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, where all four of our speakers held up to another round of talks to the people that joined us this year.

Waiahaa Farms Manager Steve arranged to give us a tour of the Farm. No easy walk, since this Farm runs from about 1100 feet up to about 1600 feet in a rather short walk.

We were fortunate enough to see the goats in the midst of being milked, the chickens everywhere, the sheep herd and rhen when we got to the top where the many rabbit hutches here came about a dozen very large pigs to greet us all up close and personal like.

It seems that they managed to pull a great escape and did a pretty good job at rampaging through the many gardens that Steve and his crew had so tenderly cared for in preparing for the conference. They were quite friendly, but a bit un-nerverving considering all they had to do was lean against you to probably break a leg. Ours, not their's.

To watch these dozen or more pigs munch their way through Macadamia Nuts like candy, knowing from  personal experience that even cracking one open with a hammer is a job,it  makes you sure glad it wasn't any part of your body in their mouths.

Yes, while we saw many different animals and a wide variety of chickens, the huge pigs were definitely the exciting part. We even saw some wild mountain pigs running away on the other side of the fence,

By the time we all reached back to the house the Woofer team had a wonderful dinner ready with everything harvested from the farm and we shared Jay April's movie "Zeke the Sheik" that was very well received by everyone. People even wanted to watch it a second time.

So with all the cameras downloaded and charged, it looks like we should be ready for the second and final day of the Body and Soil Farm Health Conference for 2010.

Below is a few pictures of our Farm tour Friends.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Day Between Body and Soil Health Conferences

The sun came up and the air warmed here on the sides of Hualalai, above Kailua Kona. Breakfasr was prepared by the Staff and Woofers residing on the property with food harveszted from the farm. Fresh squeezed orange juice, of course fresh Kona Coffee, eggs and ham from the farm and all the veggies to go with it.

The coffee was delicious and would sure have been welcome earlier. I didn't realize the kitchen/dining area was a community area and I could have actually beed in there with coffee made. I know now though.

Afier a great breakfast we all went in search of a swim with the Dolphins and spent some beach time. Stopped in one of the many small towns and had a great cup of coffee and looked in some of the shops.

By the time we reached back, I chose to walk the distance from the top of the property to the farm yo enjoy the walk and scenery. In the meantime the Woffers had prepared a great dinner for all. So needless to say it was a great day for all to get ready for the next two days of the Body and Soil Farm Health Confedrence  2010 here in Kona Hawaii at the Kupaa Farms.

A Kona Coffee Morning

Well, after a meeting with various people from the community to "meet and greet" with the speakers, our plans are to make our way to a beach and possibly swim with the dolphins this morning.

Being an early riser I was up and bathed well before sunrise. Having checked my mail and looked at some Ezine comments, I'm waiting for everyone else to wake up and enough light to snap some pictures.

The one thing missing, as I sit high on the mountain overlooking Kailua, Kona is a Hot cup of Kona Coffee. Being to far away from anyplace to just run down for some and too close to when we all should be leaving, I guess I will have to wait for one until later.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of where we are at for the conference. The bathhouse is pretty cool and gives me ideas.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Body and Soil Farm Health Conference Big Island Of Hawaii

Aloha to all,

Today's the day we, the Board of Maui Aloha Aina Assocoation, a 501c3 Organization and it's group of wonderful Speakers leave Maui for Kona.

Tonight, Thursday, is a Free Event, of which I am not clear on the details, but will take place in Kona where the conference is to be held this weekend. See http://www.MauiGrown.com for more on this weekend and sign-up to attend if your around.

Since this Conference will take place on Waiaha Farms in Holualoa, Kona area of the Big Island. The direct link to sign up for the weekend or at least one of the days is at http://www.mauialohaaina.org/schedule_bigIsland.htm,

We all return Wednesday, which will leave some time to possibly swim with the dolphins and visit the Volcanoes.

Having lived there for two years and attended college in Hilo, it should be interesting to see the changes.

Last weekend's Maui Body and Soil Farm Health Conference was a great success and although we were worried about moving from October to January this time, we could not have asked for two nicer days to have the event. It rained the day after, as if to cleanse the lands.

This weekend is calling for some wind and rain, but probably not too likely in the Kona area of the Big Island of Hawaii. Now the amount of VOG (Volcanic Smog is probably a likelyhood, but hopefully not a big one.

I hope to have lot's of pictures of this conference. I'm still working on ones from Maui.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Maui Body and Farm Health Conference Set Up Day

The day started early preparing for the Maui Body and Soil Farm Health Conference and while I left the Farm around 6pm, the day is still not over. We still have sign-ups coming in. Go to http://www.mauigrown.com/ to read more on the conference

The set-up in Olinda Maui at Kumulani Farms was pretty intense and a lot of work. I left before the rest of the crew, but we have five tents set up for Speakers, Vendors, Registration, Kitchen and Dining.

Getting the generator, thanks to Service Rentals, and power connected for everyone was a job in itself.

The sound system is in place. Tomorrow bright and early the projectors, computers and video needs to be set up.

Vendors start setting up at 7am and have to be ready by 8am. The conference starts with some good breakfast foods to hold us until the much looked forward to lunch from all local ingredients. We have food for both the Vegan and non-Vegan people.

Irene Mina-Plunkett runs the kitchen and always comes up with great food, with the help of family and friends. It's sometimes called the highlight of the event.

The speakers were on hand helping with set-up this afternoon and despite high wind warnings, Olinda was calm and sunny. The forecast calls for some strong winds and weather, but it just adds to the event and we are pretty protected from the winds by the giant trees on the windward side.

It's looking like a One Hundred plus turn out, with many Farmers and Leaders in the community. Even council people attending.

The information that should be provided by the speakers will be awesome! Based on just the tidbits shared last night at the Free South Maui Sustainability meeting where they spoke and took questions. They generated a lot of excitement.

People like Michael Martin Melendrez that has taken some of the worst possible soils in New Mexico and one eight of an inch of rainfall per year has managed to create a lush aboreteum in New Mexico that now supports one of the largest collections of Oak Trees in the World and many other plants including Bamboo.
He uses very little water despite the low rainfall to acheive this in an arid land through his knowledge of how to re-energize the soils.

Here are a few pics of what the day looked like without the crowd yet. I'm hoping to find some time to put some of the video up on the South Maui Sustainability Talk and look forward to having a complete Video and/or Audio package available to help Maui Aloha Aina Association, a 501c3 Organization, keep doing the work of educating the Farmer and those with the passion to learn more about our soils.

Maui Body and Soil Speakers a hit at South Maui Sustainability

It was a great and informative meeting at the South Maui Sustainability Meeting tonight. the four Speakers did short presentations for free and the audience had some great questions. I look forward to getting the video of it available soon.

It may be only a fraction of what is presented at the Maui Body and Soil Farm Health Conference, but it was highly informative and really brought the relationship between living soils and living beings into perspective.

Still time to sign up ahead or at the door for both days or just one day. Go to http://www.MauiGrown.com to register!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maui Body and Soil Farm Health Conference 2010

Maui Body and Soil Farm Health Conference 2010 is taking place this weekend. Speakers are arriving today!

They speak tomorrow for free at the South Maui Sustainability Meeting 6pm and then Saturday and Sunday are the conference days.

After a quick trip to Hana the speakers will then be flown off to Kona to do the conference there. Although I am going to Kona I will be working in between.

Still time for registrations and even at the door.


On another note, good thing I didn't go to watch Clint Eastwood simulate a Tsunami in Lahaina last night. I guess tonight is the actual street filming. Last night was at a hotel and tomorrow at a private residence. I wonder if it will be his Makena home???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maui Body and Soil Heath Conferences Just Days Away

Two Weekend Days spend in beautiful upcountry Maui on an Organic Farm with great local Foods provided. Camping for those that care to.

Speakers are top-notch and can't be heard anywhere else without paying a whole lot more and that's just to sit in a room to listen to them. On Maui your outdoors under tents with crisp clean air and the seem of the farm surrounding you. Food so good you will want to take the cooks home!

Saturday January 16th and 17th, with an Early Registration fee that will save you $$$$ if done by January 8th, 2010 at www.MauiGrown.com. Don't wait, we even have made provisions for handicapped people, so everyone can enjoy this great annual event with speakers that will blow you away with their knowledge.

If you are interested in how the Soil connects to the Food and the Food connects to our Health, this is one Conference not to miss!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hiking by the Boy Scout Camp on Maui Sunday Afternoon in January

The view from the road going to the camp

With a 6 year old and a two year old in tow, we decided to do some walking on a beautiful Sunday Maui day in January 2010. The day was very winding because of a southerly winds called the Kona winds coming from the direction of the Big Island of Hawaii, where the active Volcanoes are.

When this happens it blows our yard all over the place, since we normally have tradewinds coming off the ocean and from the opposite direction. At Camp Maluhia the Boy Scout Camp and also the way to some awesome mountain hiking with waterfalls, the wind wasn't even blowing. So as you can see in the picture it was very hazy from the VOG Volcanic Fog. It drifts over from the Big Island to Maui and visibility goes way down.

Not wanting to overdue the kids or ourselves carrying them back, we chose instead to go down hill to the Heaiau that was a sacred area for healing and served as a great look out point for any invading people from other islands in ancient times.

As you can see what was once an over grown patch of weeds has been restored to a very peaceful and indeed healing space. My grand daughter seemed to enjoy the area.
All_in all. I guess it beat digging cars out of snow or dealing with heavy rains and my grand daughter got a work out. So did I since she decided she needed to be carried half way back.
Maui No Ka OI (Maui is the best)

In February of 2010 the Boy Scouting Program turns 100 years old. Many fine kids have progressed through the program and now are leaders in our society. I hope to do a story just on this. Camp Maluhia is a worthwhile investment in the youth and also get used by otrhers. Some Volunteer help to keep it up would always be welcome!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Nothing To Do With Anything Except It Made Me Smile

I ran across this youtube clip on Bit.Ly and being into Ukulele and those that can actually play them, unlike me, I just felt like it was a good one to embed for the last part of the 1st day of 2010.

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