Monday, January 4, 2010

Hiking by the Boy Scout Camp on Maui Sunday Afternoon in January

The view from the road going to the camp

With a 6 year old and a two year old in tow, we decided to do some walking on a beautiful Sunday Maui day in January 2010. The day was very winding because of a southerly winds called the Kona winds coming from the direction of the Big Island of Hawaii, where the active Volcanoes are.

When this happens it blows our yard all over the place, since we normally have tradewinds coming off the ocean and from the opposite direction. At Camp Maluhia the Boy Scout Camp and also the way to some awesome mountain hiking with waterfalls, the wind wasn't even blowing. So as you can see in the picture it was very hazy from the VOG Volcanic Fog. It drifts over from the Big Island to Maui and visibility goes way down.

Not wanting to overdue the kids or ourselves carrying them back, we chose instead to go down hill to the Heaiau that was a sacred area for healing and served as a great look out point for any invading people from other islands in ancient times.

As you can see what was once an over grown patch of weeds has been restored to a very peaceful and indeed healing space. My grand daughter seemed to enjoy the area.
All_in all. I guess it beat digging cars out of snow or dealing with heavy rains and my grand daughter got a work out. So did I since she decided she needed to be carried half way back.
Maui No Ka OI (Maui is the best)

In February of 2010 the Boy Scouting Program turns 100 years old. Many fine kids have progressed through the program and now are leaders in our society. I hope to do a story just on this. Camp Maluhia is a worthwhile investment in the youth and also get used by otrhers. Some Volunteer help to keep it up would always be welcome!

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