Thursday, January 21, 2010

Body and Soil Farm Health Conference Big Island Of Hawaii

Aloha to all,

Today's the day we, the Board of Maui Aloha Aina Assocoation, a 501c3 Organization and it's group of wonderful Speakers leave Maui for Kona.

Tonight, Thursday, is a Free Event, of which I am not clear on the details, but will take place in Kona where the conference is to be held this weekend. See for more on this weekend and sign-up to attend if your around.

Since this Conference will take place on Waiaha Farms in Holualoa, Kona area of the Big Island. The direct link to sign up for the weekend or at least one of the days is at,

We all return Wednesday, which will leave some time to possibly swim with the dolphins and visit the Volcanoes.

Having lived there for two years and attended college in Hilo, it should be interesting to see the changes.

Last weekend's Maui Body and Soil Farm Health Conference was a great success and although we were worried about moving from October to January this time, we could not have asked for two nicer days to have the event. It rained the day after, as if to cleanse the lands.

This weekend is calling for some wind and rain, but probably not too likely in the Kona area of the Big Island of Hawaii. Now the amount of VOG (Volcanic Smog is probably a likelyhood, but hopefully not a big one.

I hope to have lot's of pictures of this conference. I'm still working on ones from Maui.

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