Monday, November 30, 2009

Twitter info for those that want to know and take it to a higher level

I've grown my Twitter following to around 1,000 people and if you are not familiar with how Twitter works or already do use Twitter, you can go to this page to learn more from an expert in Twitter and get access to a wealth of information.
The URL is shortened to or the actual page is at

Once you have signed up you can then follow me by searching for my Twitter name EmpowerMaui or going directly to my twitter page at

I hope this helps.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday Spiders Hawaiian Style

Aloha to Everyone,

I'm guessing that if you are reading this, then you survived BLACK FRIDAY! And Now it's CYBER MONDAY!

After standing in lines from early in the morning and then only to find that the store probably only had 13 of the items you had your heart set on, I have to symphasize with you. Fortunately I was not one of those. I have to admit I was up early to go to work, but made sure to hit the Starbucks furthest from the malls.

In passing Walmart and I noticed that not only was their parking lot full, but they filled the Home Depot parking lot next door and just about any parking spot they could find. After work, I did wander into Walmart at the end of the day to see what was left, or more correctly what was not left and saw the rows of truck containers lined up on the road in the back waiting to either restock Walmart or unload the newly arrived Christmas trees.

So just to brighten your day and if you have a chance to get in on some CYBER MONDAY online shopping, which may take some online work to match those of BLACK FRIDAY'S. I have put together a package, limited as it is, to help you in your marketing and money making through the year and enjoy some Hawaiian Christmas Music through the season. This little incentive package combines the HOT Selling SPIDER SEO program with a little bonus.

For the first Fifty that purchase the SPIDER SEO package through the following link, I am going to give your absolutely free a copy of "Have a Very Maui Christmas." This CD was made back in 2002 and in a limited quantity. My brother's a recording studio engineer and he brought in some little know and since pretty well know Hawaiian Musician's that recorded a Christmas CD. As I was cleaning out my closets, I found a case of them and so for a limited time, unless I can scrape up a few more before Christmas, I will be including a copy to everyone that purchases the SPIDER SEO. I know that this is a CYBER MONDAY promotion, but I just may extend it until Tuesday for those that still have to work, but don't wait or your chance will be gone!

This year make a point to create yourself a Self Sustataining income and enjoy the time listening to some Hawaiian Music and thinking about taking that vacation on Maui.

While you can buy the SPIDER SEO through any of my links on this page, please use this one to help me better track your purchase and get that gift off to you right away.

Click on the picture below.

Maui Lands Donated to be held in Open Space Forever

Ulupalakua Ranch's owners Pardee and his son Sumner have taken nearly 12,000 acres of their existing 18,000 acre ranch lands and donated them through an easement to the Maui Coastal Land Trust.

The land that the Erdmans of Ulupalakua Ranch have now preserved for future generation are very much a visible part of Maui.

Part of the land was an Awapuahi. In the older days of Hawaii as land was considered "divided", it normally consisted of parcels that ran from the ocean to the mountain, sort of pie slice shape. This allowed the people that lived on that land to make full use of all it's various resources.
They could live along the beaches or in the mountain areas or choose to move to one or the other throughout the year.
Fishing, medicines from plants and various types of crops, not to mention just fresh drinking water were available for everyone's use. A concept that modern land ownership took away.

Much of the property donated in an historic lease agreement allow for the Ulupalakua Ranch to still use the property for much of their normal ranching, which presently consists of about 5000 cows, but also includes goats, Elks, Lambs. In addition they grow grapes and operate a Winery, small store and leases to operations like horseback riding and clay shooting.

The parcel includes the very sensitive Auwahi Habitat Restoration Project area that has been successfully removing invasive plants and replacing them with native species.

With so much development encroaching on the lands around Ulupalakua, including Oprah Winfrey purchasing a 1,000 acre parcel next door, the Erdmans felt it was time to make a move like this.

In the past, the site of Ulupalakua Ranch has a very rich history. Founded as far back as 1865 by Linton Torbet. The ranch had various owners over the years, with Captain James Makee probably one of the most notable.

The Ranch was a favorite stopping off and vacation spot by many famous people in it's early years. Hawaii kings and many notable Authors were among it's large and varied list of guests.

Here we are 150 years later and the land that once was the home to many forests and plants like the very much valued Sandal wood trees that were all either harvested or removed to make room for pasture land, will now see from 12 to 15 Wind Turbines sprout along the ridge line
Adding nearly 20 Million Watts of power to Maui's Electrical grid. Sempra Energy recently of San Diego recently bought the project and acquired the lease within the Auwahi portion of the Ranch.

So with the exception of possibly viewing a few Wind Turbines, the southern ridge of Haleakala on Maui in Hawaii will continue to hold it's present beauty and view.

Of course, adjacent land owner's are not restricted beyond the normal existing laws and development will no doubt continue on around the Ranch, but maybe the government and public will take the Erdman's act into consideration when considering future proposals for development, at least within that area of Maui.

Having been privileged in the past, during a time when I worked on the two-way radios for the ranch and took many a trip to the top of this region, stopping off to taste some freshly picked Strawberries at the newly started Ulupalakua grown Strawberry farm, being raised on Maui it was my first time to taste what an actual plant ripened Strawberry, as opposed to the green ones picked on the mainland and forced ripened for sale in our stores. I never imagined a Strawberry being eaten without sugar sprinkled on them. The experience and the views from the top of the ranch where their water tank and radio repeater were breath taking. I just wish they had digitable cameras back then.

I hope to see more of this take place, especially after having just been working above the pineapple fields located on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains above the resorts and development.

With the new of Maui Land and Pine apple closing all it's Pineapple operation this is a huge area that could quite easily be either developed or mismanaged and through erosion devastate the slopes and further add to the loss of our ocean's reefs.

Through proper cover cropping and similiar trusts or leases, these lands could also be held for the future.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Self Sustainability through Education.

The last thing I would want my blogs and websites to be viewed as is just another web marketing site, but part of being self sufficient and sustainable is knowing how to not only make money, but to reduce your debts.
One program that is useful in educating and helping you to get your website noticed by search engines like google is it is useful in understanding more about how the "spiders" or "internet robots" go out and find your site.
Basically, these spiders and robots read the content or wording on your site and the links that are included in your posts and keep a record of it all.
Then when someone searches for something related, they know which sites to take the searcher to.
The ability to second guess how search engines rate the importance or relevance of your site to what is being searched for is sort of like playing the stock market, although getting your website or blog as close to the top of the list, especially when the search engines may return literally tens of thousands of websites, can really make a difference in whether your wasting your time online or not.

So once again a program called Spider Seo can really help you to understand how to get as near to the top of the search list as possible.

I may have to start a blog related to just the internet side of business. No matter what type of business your in these days, the internet is bound to play a part of it. That is if you want it to be seen and read.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Continues

Judging from the full mall with people from 4am walking away with small packages, I'm guessing the deals weren't so great or very limited.

Why would anyone want to put themselves through all that when for today only, you could order the instructions on how to make Solar or Wind Turbines not only for a fraction of the cost and for today Black Friday get it for about the price you would pay for a few Starbucks coffees.

Not only would you be moving towards a Sustainable future, but it would save you money to spend in the future on what you really want and help eliminate debt.

So don't let today go by without getting your copy on order. It's a small amount but will save your money for years to come.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday


Unless you are the type that enjoys those 4am mornings at the Mall to scrimp and save over a few dollars what ever might be left in the stores by the time you actually get in there, here is a way to save some money until Friday Night only and then keep saving money throughout the entire year.

These savings are only happening until the end of Friday, and you won't see it again until next year. So if you want to learn how to build solar panels and wind generators get your guides at a very reduced cost.

Hale Mahaolu Ekolu Seniors Christmas Bazaar

The Non Profit Hale Mahaolu Ekolu Seniors Club will be having a Christmas Bazaar in December.
The will feature Ono Home-Made Foods, Crafts, as well as, New and Used Rummage for sale.

The proceeds help to benefit the Hale Mahaolu Ekolu Seniors Club. Please plan to attend and be sure to try Marion's Portuguese Soup!

It will be held at the Hale Mahaolu Ekolu Seniors Hall at 717 Makaala Drive in Waiehu, Wailuku on Saturday December 12th, 2009 from 8am to 1pm.

Please come out and help support our Seniors!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video on the new Maui Electric Mariah WindSpire 1.2G wind turbine

Over the weekend Maui Electric Company,  the local electric provider for Maui Hawaii installed a Mariah Vertical Wind Turbine. actual a local company installed it and will turn it over to Maui Electric. There are two charging stations located in front that can be accessed for Electric Cars to use. Whether it will be just for the Maui Electric Vehicles for now or not, I am not sure.

The video was captured early in the morning before starting work and so most of the noise is due to traffic. the Wind Turbine is very quiet.

Maui Electric puts up a Vertical Wind Turbine

Monday morning upon arriving early to work, I found that all the equipment I thought was being unloaded to put up a gate on Friday, turned out to be for something else entirely.

As it turns out Maui Electric had a Vertical Wind Turbine with two vehicle chargers installed rigt in the front of their Main Office Building in Kahului on Maui.

It was still early and the sun was just rising. so the pictures are a bit light, but the wind was blowing and I heard it ran pretty fast over the weekend. I will still need to get more info on it, but it looks to be a Mariah WindSpire 1.2 Vertical Wind Turbine.

It ran quietly in the early morning breeze. I hope to have more video up on it later. For now, her is a picture or two.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Case you want to know more about Google's Spiders

Google uses what are called "Spiders" to crawl around the internet and look at every page. That's how come they can find so many things people are interested in, but unless you understand more about how they work (Google's pretty good at keeping their ways a secret), you may want to understand  more about how their "Spiders" work. This program will help you to do that.

Out of work?

These days with so many people out of work, now is a good time time to put some of your computer skills to work or start learning how to.

How To Make Sure Your Marketing Stands Out And Gets Results!

There are many ways to put some of you computer and internet skills to work to create additional income and even re-occuring income. I have some of the ads posted on this page for a few programs that would allow you to do just that.

Even if you are still employed, you can put some time in during the week instead of watching TV or surfing around the internet. Using some of these programs could be the answer to helping make ends meet.

Why sit around wondering how to get the extra money to pay the bills or mortgage, when educating yourself and joining a few different programs can help solve that problem.

One of my main goals with is Sustainability. Having enough money is a crucial aspect to being self sufficient and part of living a Sustainable life.

The website is being structured around a Sustainable Life for people. So beyond helping to reduce, conserve and produce Energy, as well as, learning more about how to Farm and produce Food. Increasing your income is a large part of the Sustainable aspect of life.

How To Make Sure Your Marketing Stands Out And Gets Results!

So signing up for the EmpowerMaui newsletter using the Big Blue Button located at the top right of this blog and the top left of my website at can help you to achieve a truly Sustainable Lifestyle and help take the pressure off. Go and sign up right now for the newsletter today and look at the various programs and choose ones that can help you achieve that extra income.

I will be adding more under the topic of Education to point you in the direction of how to make the Internet work for you. Most of the programs are very thorough and give you access to a wealth of information and help on how to market their products. Many, if not most of the Affiliate Programs actually do the majority of the work and you just collect your commissions.

Wouldn't you rather be checking your bank account deposits grow, rather than blowing the time on another reality TV show?

P.S. Here is another site for helping to build your email list.

Build your email list by clicking here! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homelessness Rally on Maui in Hawaii

This Wednesday afternoon I heard on the radio that there would be a Rally for Homelessness on Maui.
So when I got off of work I went by to see what it was all about. I managed to get some pictures but the crowd was gone by the time I got to the other side of the street.

I had hoped to talk to someone about the Rally and get a video interview, but with it getting dark and the fact that Maui is showing it's winter weather with the wind and rain coming and going, I guess everyone had to go find their place for the night.

With the economy so bad and house prices still out of the reach of many, people are in the "working poor" class. Many have jobs and some have relatives, but within a few mile radius of where this Rally was held were probably dozens of people just seeking some dry shelter for the night.

Life is hard for people in a Paradise State such as Hawaii.
We may be going into winter, but it isn't as harsh as so many people on  the Mainland have to put up with.
There are many agencies and people trying to do their best to help with the situation, but for know people are still going Hungry and having to seek a safe place to sleep at night.
Families are being split up and having to live with other families, who themselves could be one pay check away from being Homeless themselves!
What are the answers? Know one seems to have any real answers for people. If you get the chance to help some of the organizations around Maui and your area, do what you can. Do what you may be good at. Pick up an extra can of food for those frequent food drives and just lend a hand where ever you can.

The AFL-CIO Labor Community Services Committee made up of various local union members, many out of work at this point have chosen to help Imua Family Services in putting on a Christmas Party December 16th and are looking for Volunteers to help out any way they can. If you can't physically help, maybe just a few dollars towards helping these children and their families have a little joy in their Christmas.
Please read over the poster and contact Lena Statton at the Maui United Way Office at (808) 244-8787.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aloha! Yipee!!


After emailing Teresa Martin-Pike of Pike Family Farm and letting her know she was the one to get the copy of the "Great Energy Book Give Away" her response started off with "Aloha! Yipee, And yes, we do use a lot of energy on the farm, I'm very excited to learn more!!"  She no doubt was happy to learn she had been selected to get the copy.

Living on a farm, she has quite a need for Energy in many ways. I hope this will help her to produce some extra Energy and help her to also lower her cost she already paying. Take a look at her website at and see how beautiful it looks and the amazing things she and her family have done with it.

For the rest of you that were not able to get a copy. the name of the site is Earth4Energy and can be accessed by clicking on the name or here!

Earth4Energy will teach even the most people with no clue how to build Solar and Wind Energy at a fraction of what it costs to buy it outright. They also includes plans, step by step instructions and even video of every step of the way.

If places like Germany can lead the way in Solar use, I don't see why America can't have solar somewhere on every piece of property. With prices so low and where to buy the products to assemble units in your garage or yard. there no reason not to get a copy and try a project.

Hey!, maybe it could become a nice little business producing panels for all your neighbors. You won't know until you give it a try.

Get your Copy Today and start lighting those Christmas trees and house with solar, led lights and batteries.
It's all possible!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Winner is?

As some of you may already know, and especially those that follow EmpowerMaui on Twitter do know, I have been itching to give away a copy of a great DVD for building your own Solar and Wind energy.

It's been called the "Great Energy Book Give Away" and even though it's not actually a book, it's jam packed with useful information and plans. There are video tutorials and even where to get the parts to build the equipment.

As it turns out, one of my Twitter followers that signed up has been selected and I will be arranging to ship her a copy at no cost to her. What a deal! Most give-aways make you pay the shipping.

The winner is Teresa Martin-Pike of Pike Valley Farms in Kentucky. Their farm can be found on Facebook and here is a direct quote from their bio section "Pike Valley Farm is a Certified Organic, pastured and sustainable farm in the north end of Garrard County. You can call ahead and buy directly from the farm if you'd like! Think of us as your local farmer!"

So Congratulations Teresa and I'm so happy for you that you will be able to attend the Weston Price Foundation Conference this year. I attended the AcresUSA Conference last year and it was definitely worth the time and expense to get there from Hawaii.

Well I'm sure you use quite a bit of Energy on the Farm and I hope this helps. Now I wish you were one of the people I hope to give away to that is that is more directly related to Farming, but that's another give away.

Teresa is one of my followers on Twitter and goes under the Twitter name of pikevalleyfarm. Be sure to visit her and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their website

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pirate Radio

While this post might fit loosely under, Energy, Education, and Community, it mostly fits Sustainability.

I just watched the movie called Pirate Radio about a radio station and a quite unusual mix of characters that managed to bring Rock & Roll to Great Britain during a time when it was outlawed.

To me this represents the Sustainability of Music and the effect it has on people and Community.

The fact that it can create such a diversity of opinions and yet bring even the most unexpected people together really shows how Sustainable some things are.

Overtime they may change to suite the times, but often the message is carried on.

While not a real movie critic, it sure beat all the violent type movies that there were to choose from and I would recommend it, if for no other reason than just to be entertained and realize a true sense of what can happen when a common goal is the purpose of many.

Weather agrees with Orchids

As I spoke of the hot humid conditions on Maui today, I also found out my neighbors Son had built them a website.

Tom & Marion have been working with their Orchids for the past 9 years I've known them and much longer.

Day in and day out this retired couple cease to amaze me when it comes to their relentless energy.

Their Son started a website for them called and while only a few pages long, it gives a lot of information about them and their operation.

If your a Maui resident, it may be worth a see and of course you can't beat the pricing. They really put their hearts and souls into these plants and they reflect it.

They have built quite a nice side business for their retirement years.

Hot & Humid on Maui

With most of my chores done and some running of errands out of the way, I can't help but wish it would rain.
The weather guessers keep calling for like 80% rain and except for some mercy of high clouds, it's still awfully muggy and hot downtown in central Maui.
Should be on top of more work but find it hard to get motivated in this heat.
It's a shame to live on an island surrounded by beaches when you would rather live in the mountains.
Being raised here and seeing, as well as doing most things doesn't help.
Don't for get that my great Energy Book (CD) Give Away ends tomorrow and then someone will get a brand new unwrapped copy of it at no charge. I'll even send it out at my cost!
Not many offers like that. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen one where they didn't make you at least pay the postage. This is the link sign in now!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sustainable energy, Marketing and the internet

While I do use my Website to try and categorize the use of Sustainable Technology in the aeas of Energy, Food, Farming, Water, Education and Community Events, I am finding that the blog works about the best in getting the word out. My websites and my site try to bring a little of Maui to those that care to see it. Often I have received notes from family members of people that now live on Maui and are appreciative to see what is going on here. While I am obviously not to only source for this, it is from my point of view. I just wish I had more time and skills to bring it out better and quicker. what for more articles relating to Crowdsourcing. this may be the answer for many to help together in this sort of area.

I am constantly searching and researching Technologies. Being in the Energy Sector, I tend to find it the most relevant, since I know the most about it. Probably the second most relevant area is my interest in Growing and Educating around good Farming practices. That is why I am also sitting as the VP on Maui Aloha Aina Association, a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, and can be found at which has a conferences coming up On January 16th & 17, 2010 in Olinda, Maui on a Farm. This is around the 10th year since this Conference has started and brings in world class speakers from the likes of and

Probably one area I am most passionate, but have the least time to devote to is Education. Within the next few years many people, myself included that have been working in the field of Energy will be hitting retirement age. This is a scary thought from having seen the changes over the last 16 years and the changes that are coming with the Smart Grid.

My concern is, where will the people come from that will do this work. Many of the Colleges are turning out people that are more interested in the glamorous work and not really geared towards Utility work. Granted the Utility as we know it today, may not be the same one as we see in even the next few years.

The Technology of the Smart Grid, Automated Buildings and Meters, Alternate Sources of Energy such as Solar, Wind, Bio-Fuels, Algae, Bio-Mass, Fuel Cells, Concentrating Solar (CSP) which National Geographic did a great article on recently, and even the release this past Sunday in the Maui News for a contractors to lay down Electric Lines that will be used to interconnect the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Oahu. Changes in the way we Store and Reuse Electricity through times when it cannot be generated and of course the existing technologies of Natural Gas, Coal, Oil and Nuclear. Europe just announced, I believe it was France, that they will move towards more Nuclear Technology. There are so many ways in which Energy will be provided and how it is used and distributed is probably the bigger question.

Transportation has gone towards Electric Automobiles, surely not an old Technology, but there are firms that can right now build Semi-Tractor Trucks with at least, if not more pulling power than the conventional diesel trucks. Their range is getting better all the time.

Personally, I have been experimenting with products for Battery Technology. This is in regard to the re-use of what was considered to be dead and useless Lead Acid and Gel Cell Batteries that would ultimately be disposed of, if they are indeed disposed of right and end up as hazardous materials and sent to be recycled properly. More often than not, at least on Maui, I find them laying on the side of the road since know one wants to pay the cost to get rid of them.

One particular product that doesn't require opening the battery, has even in it's simplest version, been allowing me to rejuvenate to date about 10 Yuasa Gel Cell Batteries. Five of them are probably 15 years old, wouldn't accept  a charge anymore and sat around with only a 5-6 Volt DC charge when they should have been at least at 12 Volts DC. I've also been successful at bringing back some smaller units from some small UPS (Uninterruptable Power supples).

While I'm wandering a bit in this post, the point is that Sustainable Technology is something that is needed, Education is very much needed and programs to place the workers into the right fields so we can produce much needed products and employ the citizens of our Country the United States. Much of what we should have shifted towards has moved off shore and left towns and workforces idled. It's effected our economy and created a record unemployment of over 10% and growing in many areas. This does not need to be the case.

They are a number of Organizations that can be re-tooled and put these people to work, the resourses are still there to help train and re-train people to produce these goods. The ability to turn our lands back into Nutrient Dense and Useful Lands that can become our Farmacys and help move us away from depending on what has come to become the Medical System and the dependency on new and expensive drugs to try and "band aid" the symptoms of just not eating right. It's never too late and the both the Human Body and the Earth are pretty amazing at responding to the right inputs in healing themselves.

That brings me to the internet. while I would love to fill all my blogs and websites with advertisements for Local Companies, it's a quite a task to approach and help create ads and spaces for them all. I hope to do that with my website. In the meantime I will try to include ads to Companies that not only have something valuable to bring to the Sustainable Table, but can also help provide some revenue for me to keep spreading the information.

We haven't had much rain lately, especially in Central Maui, but I better end now because the lightning and rain are getting pretty intense. Time to disconnect from the grid in the event of a surge.

Take care and if you wish to follow me in short burst and are into Twitter, I can be found under the name of EmpowerMaui on Twitter and my site page is

Have a wonderful day or night, where ever you happen to be and I am going to go enjoy the sound of the rain and have some late dinner.



Build your own Solar

Don't Forget that we are only days away from giving someone this great CD. Sign in today! See last post for details.

If you care to follow me on Twitter, my user name is EmpowerMaui.

Website is

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Great Energy Book (CD) Give Away

Aloha to all,

I have found a product that gives a person all the details that help them to not only build their own Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and a host of other products. It also includes where to obtain the supplies to build a panel for under $200.00. I plan to give away a copy on November 15, 2009.

I have one copy to give out and the hitch is that you must get signed in at before the 15th in order to have a chance at receiving the copy. All that is required is your name and email address to initially be entered.

After signing in look for a spot at the top with a Url that will allow you to download a Pdf file on over 400 tips for Self Improvement at no cost and yours to keep. This Pdf is over 90 pages long and available to keep by anyone that registers.

Once registered, if you are selected, I will email you for more details on how to get the CD to you. So don't wait go to and register right away. This CD will be sent out at no cost to whomever is the lucky person that is chosen. After that everyone else will just have to buy a copy for themselves if they want this valuable information.

Look forward to more of these types of give aways in the future, but with a different theme based around Sustainability.

The site once again is and it all ends by November 15th, 2009.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been so busy with my "real" job, working on websites and evaluating energy products, not to mention the successful trip to four Organic Sustainable Farms in Kipahulu Maui with about 100 people in attendance that it's been hard to find time to even get a blog in. I seem to have problems making my new Blackberry on Verizon post to the blog, but I will get it down one day.

In the meantime I've posted some of my video of the various groups playing at the Annual Maui Ukulele Festival 2009 held at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

The event is a complete day of Hawaii musicians and because of local and individual sponsorship, it is free to the public each year. You can find it at and besides one of my favorite groups the Hula Honeys being right on the front page, look under the community events heading in the main menu or recent articles and you can watch some more like Hula Lindsey and some of the winners of this years Merry Monarch Hula Festival held in Hilo.

Also Herb Ohta Sr. has a page and he is one of the originals that even played on the old Ed Sullivan show years ago.

Don't forget that if you are a Twitter follower of EmpowerMaui you only have a fee more days to register for the "Great Energy Book (CD) Give Away" at and I've sweetened it up a bit by adding a download on the page immediately following your registration. The download has over 400 tips on Self Improvement and is over 90 pages long in Pdf format. Either way you get something out of signing up.

I also have a poll on the front page, left-side about Twitter. I know some love it, some don't and many don't even know how to use it. It's a great tool for communicating quickly to a lot of people.

Well off to work and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!