Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been so busy with my "real" job, working on websites and evaluating energy products, not to mention the successful trip to four Organic Sustainable Farms in Kipahulu Maui with about 100 people in attendance that it's been hard to find time to even get a blog in. I seem to have problems making my new Blackberry on Verizon post to the blog, but I will get it down one day.

In the meantime I've posted some of my video of the various groups playing at the Annual Maui Ukulele Festival 2009 held at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

The event is a complete day of Hawaii musicians and because of local and individual sponsorship, it is free to the public each year. You can find it at and besides one of my favorite groups the Hula Honeys being right on the front page, look under the community events heading in the main menu or recent articles and you can watch some more like Hula Lindsey and some of the winners of this years Merry Monarch Hula Festival held in Hilo.

Also Herb Ohta Sr. has a page and he is one of the originals that even played on the old Ed Sullivan show years ago.

Don't forget that if you are a Twitter follower of EmpowerMaui you only have a fee more days to register for the "Great Energy Book (CD) Give Away" at and I've sweetened it up a bit by adding a download on the page immediately following your registration. The download has over 400 tips on Self Improvement and is over 90 pages long in Pdf format. Either way you get something out of signing up.

I also have a poll on the front page, left-side about Twitter. I know some love it, some don't and many don't even know how to use it. It's a great tool for communicating quickly to a lot of people.

Well off to work and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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