Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homelessness Rally on Maui in Hawaii

This Wednesday afternoon I heard on the radio that there would be a Rally for Homelessness on Maui.
So when I got off of work I went by to see what it was all about. I managed to get some pictures but the crowd was gone by the time I got to the other side of the street.

I had hoped to talk to someone about the Rally and get a video interview, but with it getting dark and the fact that Maui is showing it's winter weather with the wind and rain coming and going, I guess everyone had to go find their place for the night.

With the economy so bad and house prices still out of the reach of many, people are in the "working poor" class. Many have jobs and some have relatives, but within a few mile radius of where this Rally was held were probably dozens of people just seeking some dry shelter for the night.

Life is hard for people in a Paradise State such as Hawaii.
We may be going into winter, but it isn't as harsh as so many people on  the Mainland have to put up with.
There are many agencies and people trying to do their best to help with the situation, but for know people are still going Hungry and having to seek a safe place to sleep at night.
Families are being split up and having to live with other families, who themselves could be one pay check away from being Homeless themselves!
What are the answers? Know one seems to have any real answers for people. If you get the chance to help some of the organizations around Maui and your area, do what you can. Do what you may be good at. Pick up an extra can of food for those frequent food drives and just lend a hand where ever you can.

The AFL-CIO Labor Community Services Committee made up of various local union members, many out of work at this point have chosen to help Imua Family Services in putting on a Christmas Party December 16th and are looking for Volunteers to help out any way they can. If you can't physically help, maybe just a few dollars towards helping these children and their families have a little joy in their Christmas.
Please read over the poster and contact Lena Statton at the Maui United Way Office at (808) 244-8787.


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