Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Great Energy Book (CD) Give Away

Aloha to all,

I have found a product that gives a person all the details that help them to not only build their own Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and a host of other products. It also includes where to obtain the supplies to build a panel for under $200.00. I plan to give away a copy on November 15, 2009.

I have one copy to give out and the hitch is that you must get signed in at before the 15th in order to have a chance at receiving the copy. All that is required is your name and email address to initially be entered.

After signing in look for a spot at the top with a Url that will allow you to download a Pdf file on over 400 tips for Self Improvement at no cost and yours to keep. This Pdf is over 90 pages long and available to keep by anyone that registers.

Once registered, if you are selected, I will email you for more details on how to get the CD to you. So don't wait go to and register right away. This CD will be sent out at no cost to whomever is the lucky person that is chosen. After that everyone else will just have to buy a copy for themselves if they want this valuable information.

Look forward to more of these types of give aways in the future, but with a different theme based around Sustainability.

The site once again is and it all ends by November 15th, 2009.

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