Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Big Piggy Ate The Garden.

  • This Big Piggy at Lettuce,
  • This Big Piggy had Swiss Chard.
  • This Big Piggy uprooted the Squash.
  • And this Big Piggy ate Macadamia Nuts with the rest of the loose Piggies.
After a very busy 1st day of the Body and Soil Farm Health Conference above Kailua, Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, where all four of our speakers held up to another round of talks to the people that joined us this year.

Waiahaa Farms Manager Steve arranged to give us a tour of the Farm. No easy walk, since this Farm runs from about 1100 feet up to about 1600 feet in a rather short walk.

We were fortunate enough to see the goats in the midst of being milked, the chickens everywhere, the sheep herd and rhen when we got to the top where the many rabbit hutches here came about a dozen very large pigs to greet us all up close and personal like.

It seems that they managed to pull a great escape and did a pretty good job at rampaging through the many gardens that Steve and his crew had so tenderly cared for in preparing for the conference. They were quite friendly, but a bit un-nerverving considering all they had to do was lean against you to probably break a leg. Ours, not their's.

To watch these dozen or more pigs munch their way through Macadamia Nuts like candy, knowing from  personal experience that even cracking one open with a hammer is a job,it  makes you sure glad it wasn't any part of your body in their mouths.

Yes, while we saw many different animals and a wide variety of chickens, the huge pigs were definitely the exciting part. We even saw some wild mountain pigs running away on the other side of the fence,

By the time we all reached back to the house the Woofer team had a wonderful dinner ready with everything harvested from the farm and we shared Jay April's movie "Zeke the Sheik" that was very well received by everyone. People even wanted to watch it a second time.

So with all the cameras downloaded and charged, it looks like we should be ready for the second and final day of the Body and Soil Farm Health Conference for 2010.

Below is a few pictures of our Farm tour Friends.

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