Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Ramblings-Going all over the Place

As I take my occasional indulgent early morning break at Starbucks on Maui, the sound of Christmas Music is played intermittently between jazz songs and the "seasonal" coffees are predominate at the counter. Not one for involving much sugar, especially corn based, I did opt in for one pump of ginger bread flavor just to add to the seasonal feel.
Having grown up on Maui, never even being in snow, relating to "traditional Christmas Songs" is all a perception. The air conditioning in Starbucks does help add to the feel that is related to my Christmas perception.

By the way, as Self Sustainability is a primary Theme behind my EmpowerMaui sites and company, the Sunday coffee and newspaper are my one real indulgence I allow myself.

With the Economy the way it is and Countries like China opting to put their money into Countries like Africa, rather than a debt ridden Country like the good old US of A, getting debt under control and maximizing your income is very important to personal survival. We 50 and above crowd will find manual labor tougher to handle in our more seniors years. I recently read of a retire 76 year old man that retired thinking he could finally relaxe and choose his activities and time. He now get's up at 4:30am to go to work as a golf cart mechanic. Not out of his choice to stay busy, but because his company he spent most of his life working for made bad decisions and his retirement turned out to be a third or quarter of what he expected.

So when I speak of Education, Einstein said something about it begins at birth and never ends, and alternate ways of creating an in come, it is because whether we like it or not, money is still a key factor is Self Sustainability.

Along that line for those that are inclined to internet business, and every business should have an internet presence, I have found one company that really seems to have some great instructional information, whether you use the internet or are a beginner looking to use it. They have become kind of a one stop shop for all the resources. They offer the ability to help your business grow it's reach to the world and what I really like is their video section. For those that are more familiar with just working at being found in the huge internet market or not building s page to attract customers or people to communicate with is critical and GVO's combination between video, templates in the 100's, along with built in email sign up, really can cut out the work involved and the learning curve needed to make it happen. They also have a very helpful bunch always available through their forum.

I just learned that some exciting video tutorials and more are being released. This means it's is going to be even more helpful.
With all the programs out their GVO does seem to be really working to put it all together. Of couse having some of the biggest names in Marketing being tied to this program helps.

If you would like to look it over go to http:// and take a look. I think they may still offer 30 days use for $1 and if you make some serious use of that 30 days, it could be very profitable and then you can decide if it works for you.

Well, I could go on to other subjects, but will get back to my paper and little time left this morning for my Sunday break. My grand daughter will be with me today, so it's time to run.

Aloha and have a great Sunday!

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