Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GoGVO is a killer application


I have spent many years, using many sites to do my online marketing. Since August a company named GoGVO has put together a killer site that allows you to build pages that include video, email capture and anything you want to write about.
It can be used to market any kind of product and include video, while building your marketing list too!

It has a built-in auto responder to send messages at an interval you like and any email you want at pre-determined times, it has a conference room to allow you to get your clients together for presentations and a forum with all kinds of helpful people to work with.

There are hundreds of pre-made templates that can be customized for your particular use and in many categories. They also have a huge list of pre-made templates for just marketing the GoGVO System.

All of this and more have very easy to follow tutorials that even the beginner can use and create some impressive campaigns with.

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