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Maui Grown Body & Soil Health Conference Weeks Away

Maui Aloha Aina Association"s Annual Body & Soil Health Conference countdown:

Remember Early Registration End January 8, 2010.

Jerry Brunetti
Speaks to:
Health from the Gut Up and Soil a Super Organism. To listen to how Jerry cured himself of non-Hodgkins lymphoma follow this link

To read more on Jerry at EmpowerMaui's website with video

For More on Jerry's Website

Dr. Paul Hepperly
Speaks to:
Practical ways for us to apply compost and cover crop modalities into our gardening and farming systems, along with showing his great visuals and science based results.

For more on Paul Hepperlyl

Theresa Vernon
Speaks to:
Mitigating  the effects of copper toxicity and other heavy metals that are blocking nutrient uptake and
how she cured herself of Epilepsy using these protocols.

For More on Theresa Vernon's Website

Michael Martin Melendrez
Speaks to:
The soil food web and how to sustain a vital soil in wet and especially dry environments.

To read more and check out some video.

For More on Michael Melendrez's website

This is information I have never heard here on Maui, now you will!!!!

Come Jan14th to a FREE pre-conference event meeting with these presenters at Kihei Charter
School 6pm.

More info:

South Maui Sustainability is such a shinning light over on the south side that folks come from all over the island to attend their monthly meetings. They are co-sponsoring this pre-conference event featuring it as their first meeting of the New Year.

Thats what I call leadership!!!

I was among many that took up the offer for the Tissue Hair Analysis and after having discussed it with Theresa by phone and then reading the Laboratory Report, which is pretty comprehensive and meets the Government Regulatory Standards (CLIA), it's like they were looking over my shoulder at my life.
My personal health challenges were made a lot more clear to me and why I am now now facing them.

I can't wait to see how bringing my balance back into the correct ranges over the next few months to a year will affect me.

It has to be better than just having doctors prescribe more medicines that in themselves may compensate, but ultimately cause even further degradation of my health.

I have to admit, I wasn't completely sold on the analysis and if it would just tell me I have too many metals in my body, which is what I expected, than I would have been more doubtful about the results. But it turned out, unlike many, I am dangerously low on many minerals due to being a low oxidizer among other issues.

So a retest later in the program should be an eye opener. For those that have already started making the corrections, they say the changes are pretty amazing.

Remember Early Registration End January 8, 2010.

Bio-Dynamic preparations manager Jason Harris from the Josephine Porter Institute in Virgina is now signed up as a vendor for our conference Jan 16,17th, 2010.

Vincent Mina, President and Founder of the Maui Aloha Aina Assoiciation recently met Jason at ACRES USA conference, where Jason set the intention towards coming to our event. 

He is going to make an on site  "Cow Pat Pit" at the conference which will yield bio dynamic preparations for all who attend! 

We have been wanting to have Bio Dynamic Demonstrations at our event for awhile now and thankfully its going to happen for this event.......... 

 The closer we get to conference the more exciting it becomes.....

We encourage you to register to be part of this empowering event!

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