Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too Much in One Blog

In an effort to not overwhelm people that read my EmpowerMaui Blogspot posts and yet stick to the theme of Sustainability, I've decieded to put more of the Business end of getting out of debt and making money on my Blog.

So having started up my WordPress blog and creating my first post, I was blown away by the number of comments and they were all positive about the product. The shortened Url for the first shortened url to the post is and now the second shortened Url for the next post is at

In the future I will try to put the business related posts on Wordpress and then mention them here. I may even do the same for different areas.

I would like the EmpowerMaui.blogspot to be more of a center of information and then point to places where more details relating to the subject can be dealt with. I hope that works out better and doesn't just confuse things.

While there are many areas that deal with Sustainability in everyones lives, not everyone is interested in it all and I hope by breaking it up a bit more I can help people stay more interested and apply more useful information.

Please feel free to sign up at my blog or website at, to help me serve you more useful information.

Jim Hall
EmpowerMaui LLC

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