Monday, August 9, 2010

No Money Can Lead to Prison Time. Be Self Sufficient.

When jobs are scarce and people need money for the basics, sometimes changing careers is needed. A lot of time learning a new skill while unemployed is very possible and funding can be found.

With about 1.8 Billion Internet Marketers out there and around 5 BILLION Cellphones, of which 51 million are able to interact with the internet, mobile advertising is a new way to look at bringing in some income.

Mobile Monopoly (see side ad) has a very detailed method to bring in money from mobile phone advertisings in many ways. It's not free, but it's a low start up if you have some computer background or are willing to take some classes.

Vitec at Maui Community College offers night classes in various areas and MEO Maui Economic Opportunity could be a good source of obtaining a loan if you are willing to work on a plan.

Part of being self sufficient is to have more than one skill to fall back on or a steady stream of income to help support you and your family. Nothing comes easy, but with some work, anyone can learn the skills needed, especially with the proper help.

Cellphone advertising may just be one way to help bring in that extra money needed. Click Here for Mobile Monopoly!


  1. thanks for your research and encouragement.. I am back in college for these reasons and sure appreciate the support today especially as I meet these challenges to expand my opportunities and skills to create new ways of being self sufficient..yikes just keeping on onward.

  2. It's not making money that's hard, it's moving yourself in the direction and taking action. Do and live your passion and money will come. Enjoy your job and the money will always be enough.

    For some Free Downloads on all the various aspects of online marketing go to and I believe there are 7 or 8 books there to download free for the taking.
    Live, Love and enjoy your work and it will all come your way. But a rock won't roll if there is no action to begin the movement.
    Jimmy Nicks


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