Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tilapia Fishing in Kaanapali to Blue Angels Air Show on Oahu in Kaneohe

Early this morning, my grandson woke to me prodding him in order to get him up, dressed, teeth brushed and ready to go to the Second Annual Maui Electric Co. and Kaanapali Resort, among other sponsors, as a fund raiser for the Maui United Way.

It turns out there was double the attendance at about 600+ people attending. Where we only lined up on one side of the long pond last year, this both sides were filled as far as the eye could see. They had a mess of prizes given away by drawings, tagged fish for really good prizes and then, of course the prize for smallest and largest Tilapia.

Since my Grandson wasn't catching anything, he decided he had enough. So we went around and did some video of the event, toured the Fire Engine named Keka'a and met a nice fireman.

My grandson did some of the filming, he's 7 yrs old. We helped rescue Time Warner's brand new tent that the wind pretty much trashed and headed out.

With nearly 6 hours to kill before going to the airport to fly to Oahu in the afternoon and see the Blue Angels Navy air show at Kaneohe airbase, we stopped at the Lahaina Hongwanji temple and watched a 6 foot Manta Ray swim around by Mala boat ramp.

In spite of all the time I tried to kill, my Grandson had us sitting in the airport terminal 2 hours early.
The plane is finally here and he's ready to board before the people off. Well more on this later.

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