Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beginning of the Century the Corporations and Drug Companies used Data to Steer us Where we are.

There are a number of articles and various types of interviews and information about the Drug Companies creating a disease to sell drugs. Most drugs have the side effect listing the very thing you are taking it to prevent or cure.

I have witnessed first had a gathering of hundreds of people at a dinner celebration with high tech entertainment and an amazing amount of money spent by the drug companies to court there following of pharmacies, doctors and who know who else.

Here is some info on this sort of thing. A Canadian Podcast about the effect 911 and the corporations are having on Canada. The show segment is

Unbought and Unbossed #187 Sept 1, 2010

More on this at http://www.archive.org/details/UnboughtAndUnbossed187Sept12010.

A Video from Media Monarchy #179. www.facebook.com/mediamonarchy

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