Saturday, September 24, 2011

That in mind, here is a bit on Maui and Google. Awhile back I saw Google initially going around Maui with the car/camera setup and can't find that picture, but a search shows someone spotted them back in April 2919 in Pukalani, but it was probably earlier than that in Kahului.

Their new camera looks more like a ball or helmet than the old flat disc shaped one they had. This new camera has more angles that it can look at.

The cameraman Eric from Google, with his laptop installed and the car built to run this camera, is off to Hana today. So smile up on the Hana Highway and in Hana, you may be on Google Street View.

Eric, despite cloudy looking weather, will have to press on to get Maui done today. His next stop is Molokai. So be kind to him on Molokai and show them your the friendly isle.

I get caught up posting on my other blogs and facebook, I don't get back here often enough. I hope to keep the type of content more organized based on the blog that I'm posting on. Farm related on, music on and soon In the meantime some MauiPonics content is on a page of MagicMauiFarms.
Then of course EmpowerMaui is on youtube, twitter, facebook under JimHall and not doing audio shout outs on cut me slack on the audio, it"s not my speacialty, but is a great one for musicians, voice talents and people to sell their custom recording for greetings and such.

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