Friday, September 11, 2009

Maui County Energy Expo

The first day of the Maui County Energy Expo was energizing in it's own right. With a host of people representing the future Sustainability of Maui, Hawaii.

The opening address by Mayor Charmaine Tavares of Maui County brought on a new sense of direction and feeling that Maui, as a whole, is heading in the right direction.

Mayor Tavares Rededicated her efforts, despite the bad economic times, to continue on a path of Sustainability and to find the money to continue. She pointed out our responsibilities individually and collectively, government, business and individuals to work towards a goal of a Sustainable Energy Future.

Representing the State of Hawaii, Mr. Theodore Liu, Director of Hawai'i State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism mirrored many of Mayor Tavares's statements and feelings. As a State Representative to the Energy Expo, Mr. Liu brought with him Governor Linda Lingle's and Lt. Governor Duke Aiona's commitment towards seeing Hawaii become Sustainable.

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