Friday, September 11, 2009

Maui Energy Expo and Conservation tips

There is really some enthusiasm moving Maui towards a Sustainable Future and away from the dependence on oil that it has become addicted to.

As usual, there is a pessimistic side of things when it comes to how are we going to to this, but there are plenty of steps that every individual can take towards conserving.

The statistics are showing that the efforts being made and of course the bad

economy, is working towards lowering our use of electricity and oil, but we have to be vigilant every day and become very aware of our personal surroundings.

Turn off that light, open some windows or close them, depending on the weather. Turn off that TV. Unplug unused devices and add plug strips to make it easier to shut off multiple electronic devices.

Conserve first, then look at how you can work on improving your electric usage and lastly add some alternate energy while the tax incentives are there.

Conservation costs the least and can give back the most returns.

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