Friday, July 23, 2010

More Great Things on Maui

Not to overshadow my post on Kupa'a Farms, but due to Vince Mina's determination and diligence, we are only a few weeks, days really from a very important conference that will capture some of the greatest representatives for all aspects of creating a sustainable farm and "lock" them down in a beautiful setting for a week to discuss and come up with answers on how Maui can be made more sustainable.
The County of Maui has backed this event with a grant and as many know the grants are never really enough, so if any angels or just people concerned with seeing a better Maui would like to help by donating money, it sure would put the pressure of of asking local suppliers for help in feeding people. They always come to the rescues, but it would be nice to compensate them occasionally. For more on this visit to get the overall store and how you might be able to fit into it.
Also we are hoping to have much of it virtually available on the web live. This way the select group can have input from Maui and the world.

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