Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prison Going Ahead on Maui

There is no doubt that the prison system is old and in need of repairs and I am sure would help property values in Wailuku if it was relocated, but it sure is a lot of money considering the amount of money being taken from programs that keep people from becoming prisoners in the first place.

My grand children are exposed to as many as four or five generations, they multiply early and fast, of other children that were raised in the atmosphere of drugs and alcohol. Add that to either the jobless rate, low economy or many children that don't even see their parents because of the parents having to work so many jobs just to make ends meet. Grand Parents that either end up trying to raise the children or end up working well into their 70's to support their unemployed, drug addicted children and their children and it's no wonder we have a growing population of prisoners.

So once again we attack the symptoms instead of the problems. I grew up in the 70's and half the people I grew up with are either dead or locked up from drugs, alcohol or the stupid choices they made while under the influence.

Let's see how much money we can put towards the children, education and keeping them educated enough to make healthy choices. Unfortunately, they come from over worked teachers in crowded classes and home to over work and often single parent families, where they are expected to do home work, bath, eat and go to bed all within a couple hours time. Most parents cannot pick up children until after work and barely before the after school program ends.

The time that there are no programs available create financial and emotional hardships on both parents and kids. But as long as we continue to ignore the root of the problem, then we will need to continue to put money into new jails and the justice system itself.

Maui needs to be more of a community and stop turning a blind eye to people and relative that are using meth and other hard drugs and alcohol. Get involved and pay attention to the home down the street that has visitor day and night that arrive for a few minutes while someone is waiting in the car and then leave again. If there was a sign of drug activity going on that surely is one.

It might pay the bills or allow for fancy cars and big houses, but in the end society will pay the price when entire generations don't know what is a normal life.

Just as we are putting energy into sustainable food, water and energy. How about some money dedicated to sustainable families and children?

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