Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moving the Middle Class Worker Down the Scale

Back in October of 2009, the middle class labor was already taking a beating as the corporate world pushed ahead with not only their years of profit taking, but in many areas they were being "bailed" out by the government and ultimately the taxpayer that worked for them. So in many ways the average worker took less money, payed more of what they did make to bail out major corporations and in the end thousands were thanked by laying them off.

This clip is from one I posted then about the Carpenter's Union protesting the use of non local contractors at the Walgreens store, not only in Kahului, but the state.

Below this clip is the same protest going on Today, almost unnoticed by hundreds of Maui citizens that pass the intersection of Puunene and Kamehameha each day. The fact that people are willing to stand up for others and give their time up day after day, is something that should not become common place. The more we as the working class people are willing to accept this sort of treatment, the more likely it will be to see any one of us, family or friends walking the street in protest AND working multiple low paying jobs to get by.

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