Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hawaii Farmers United Hosts It's First Locavore Cook-Off Contest

The highlight of the March Hawaii Farmers United meeting was the new Locavore Cook-Off Contest. With some great judging by Chef Justin Pardo of Market Fresh Bistro and fellow judge Mellisa Panzirini, as well as the wonderful cooks that enters some great food, not only did three people win great prizes from Whole Foods, Down To Earth, Hawaiian Moons and Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine, but we all got to partake of the wonderfully delicious pot luck after the contest and before one of our best meetings with around 100 people in attendance.

For some pictures and video of the contest portion, visit my Magic Maui Farms website and leave any comments or suggestion here or on Magic Maui Farms about what you think we can do to make the meetings even more informative and fun, tough shot considering how fun and educational they already are,

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  1. It was a great celebration of food indeed.
    See you all at next months meeting/celebration April 26th


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