Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kikiada back to the rescue at the Maui Matsuri 2011

The Maui Matsuri Japanese Cultural Festival held on Maui is always a major event. One that is always pulled off so smoothly, at least from the publics view.

The Maui Matsuri is one of the public events held by the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui (JCSM).
The JCSM was started back in 1969 by Nisei (first generation children) women that wanted to keep the heritage going. The Issei were the first generation of immigrants to Hawaii, so educating and creating awareness for their children the Nisei, the grandchildren the Sensei, their great-grandchildren the Yonsei and these days the Gosei, the fifth generation born to at least one Yonsei parent.

Mrs. Edith Izumi, the Society's first President and the member defined their objectives for the JCSM.
They are:
  • To promote and encourage the preservation and perpetuation of the Japanese culture in Hawaii;
  • To work for the common good and general welfare;
  • To promote and cultivate good fellowship among the members; and
  • To participate in activities which would enhance and enrich the life of the community.

The Maui Matsuri was held on Market Street in Wailuku Town when I first attended it. Since then they have successfully pulled off several of Matsuri events, including this years, at the now University of Hawaii-Maui Campus.

Always a highlight of the event is the visit of Kikaida and his brother Kikaida 01. Doing battle on stage to protect Maui from the Kikaida brother's longtime foes always has the kids cheering and rooting the Kikaida along. This year was no exception. For more on the Maui Matsuri you can visit their site at

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