Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maui's Barrio Fiesta May 29, 2011

Maui's Barrio Fiesta is held on Memorial Day weekend at the Wailuku War Memorial's Soccer Field. According to one of the organizers, the Fiesta is held purposely on Memorial Day each year to remember that Filipinos have an important role.

In Hawaii, there is no doubt that part of our mixed plate of cultures includes a heavy dose of the Filipino culture. It can be seen daily in many ways and is emphasized each year though events such as Maui's Annual Barrio Fiesta.

Beyond the variety of entertainment and events, I know many look forward to indulging in the large selection of foods offered by many non profits. Most of them supported through events such as the Annual Barrio Fiesta on Maui.

Trying to be helpful, as well as keep any extra "seasoning" out of the food, Maui County Council  Member Mike Victorino wipes the hard working chef on duty, while he helps prepare the food for the traditional last day free feast that is offered up to the volunteers and the public.

Some of the non profits got pretty creative with their booths.

While I missed the rest of the entertainment and can't compare, I thought this young lady was really good and would be curious to know more about here and here performance. Any one know and want to comment?

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  1. Jim, Great capture of an endearingly genuine moment. mike gagne


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