Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quiet Maui Sunday Morning shattered by Pawn shop burglary

Luckily Maui doesn't seem to have too many "in your face" type crimes going on, but living close to the Kahului Police Department and Hospital, I definitely get to hear all the activity.
This Sunday morning after picking up coffee and a paper, I came across a bunch of police cars around the First National Pawn shop in the Kahului industrial area.

I generally have my camera with me at all times and detours through the "less traveled" roads are my preference, which makes an industrial area on a Sunday one of those routes. It's the detours and side trips that always seem to present the photo ops.

I would rather take pictures of the scenery and wild life, but this is a sample of some of the wilder life on Maui, so here it is.

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