Saturday, December 4, 2010

Give to yourself the ultimate gift this holiday season
A systems approach in having a healthy Body through a enlivened Soil!
Register Now!  Be the change you want for yourself to secure your place and learn about how to empower your well being!
Learn about the heart not being a pump
Learn how nutrition pumps our blood
Learn about secondary plant metabolites that are responsible for our well being
Learn about how healthy plants produce their own pesticides
Learn about how high nitrogen fertilizers shut that production system down
Learn about our three legged protocol to healthy soil system
Bio Char-Structure (See the article below on Peter Hirst and the Adam Retort)
IMO Fermentations-Biology
Micron-ized Minerals-Chemistry
Twenty folks have taken advantage of the early registration opportunity offered in getting soil analysis with us sending in 44 samples! 
"Its all about our food", come envision, co-create and celebrate Maui growing its own food supply!

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