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The Maui Body and Soil Health Conference 2011

It's all about "Getting to Heart and Body of Soil Vitality." The theme of this years 10th annual Maui Body & Soil Health Conference, sponsored by the Maui Aloha Aina Association.

Held again on the beautiful Kumalani Organic Farm in Olinda Maui, the Maui Body and Soil Health Conference will be take place on Friday January 14, Saturday, January 15th and capping off with a bash to celebrate the 10th year on Sunday January 16th.

With a host of world class speakers having grown in number, this years event will be exceptional for sure.

The presenters include:

Jerry BrunettiBack by popular demand for his sixth year!
Eva Lee – Volcano Hi. Green Tea Propagator/Farmer
Dr. Tom Cowan - Westin A. Price board member and heart specialist
Dr. Patrick MacManaway Subtle Energies & the Spirit of Land & Farms
Peter HirstNew England Bio-Char- Adam Retort Bio-Char Workshop/ Demonstration
Dr. Hoon Park & Michael Duponte- CTAHR Manoa- IMO Fermentations
A special panel discussion is planned for Sunday afternoon speaking to the three legs of a healthy soil structure working in synergy with:
Peter Hirst- on the structure with activated Bio Char,
Jerry Brunetti- on the chemistry through Micron-ized minerals,
Dr. Hoon Park and Michael Duponte-
on the biology with Indigenous- Micro Organisms (IMO- fermentations)

In addition to the many fine speakers, the not to be missed Organic meals with locally grown and produced products donated by the wonderful people at:
  • Mana Foods 
  • Down To Earth
  • Whole Food
There will be a host of vendors displaying their Health and Agricultural related products in the vendors tent.

This year the Alaka'ina Foundation will be sending their Maui Digital Bus. this self powered bus is fully equipped with microscopes tied to computers to be able to get up close and personal with your soil. Check this list of equipment they have.
Below is a brief list of the science equipment provided:
    Digital Microsope
    Handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) Devices
    Electronic Water Testing Equipment
    Digital Cameras ~ Digital Video Cameras
    Apple iBooks
    Vernier Software & Technology
    Physiology Probes
    Dell Laptop

Bring some to check out.

The Digital Bus is a classroom on wheels that is used to provide education to students K-12th grades.

The Digital Bus provides customized projects for youth groups and special after school and Saturday programs. These projects are designed to fit the specific needs of the youth group. They include such things as watershed studies, mapping activities, Vernier Lab Pro experiments and beach studies, and a special program for the Conference.

Children are encouraged to attend. Teaching the Keiki about their aina and the food that comes from it is very important to Maui Aloha Aina and crucial to all of us. Please feel free to contact Maui Aloha Aina about helping to sponsor out youth in attending this very important conference.

For registration, more information, sponsorships or even donations to the effort, please go to to register. You can also call (808) 242-7870 and/or email them at  

Empower yourself and our youth in 2011, by starting the year with an fun and enlightening education that could very well change your life and the lives of those you love. Give yourselves the gift of health and vitality this Christmas and sign up friends and family. The gift is priceless!

Here with a short PSA recording thanks to Akaku Public TV, is the President and Founder of Maui Aloha aina Association, Vincent Mina.

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