Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grand Children and Home Over Super Bowl 2010

I know being way behind everyone in time zones by being located in Hawaii means the results of the Super Bowl 2010 and it's infamous halftime shows and commercials will result in a lot of parties still taking place around Maui.

Not being a big sports fan, I know it sounds almost sacreligious to not follow football, but I used to enjoy the halftime. Now with grand children around, just a good nap, is very much appreciated. Both theirs and mine.

Unlike most people that drink and eat too much and then have to be at work on Monday morning, I have none of those problems. Don't drink, eating is a chore and I'm off on Mondays. I still put in those 40 hours per week at my "real job", it's just 10 hour days and then the work that's left to be done in the evening.

Well, it seems only half the grand children are sleeping so better get back to the non-Super Bowl spent time and so much for everyone taking a nap!

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