Thursday, February 4, 2010

Volcanoes Can Be Like Living in the City Smog Times Ten!

It has been just over a week since being on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona and Volcano. The Body and Soil Farm Health Conference went well and was pretty well attended.

Waiaha Farms was an incredible place to hold the Conference and they made us feel right at home.

Raising all their own food, Plant and Animals, offered us up a great array of good food. All Locally Grown and very Healthy. You could tell just in the taste how much effort was put into raising all the food.

The Volcanic Haze (VOG) came and went depending on the weather and wind directions. Some days we had hazy days and a few were really clear. Maui was probably getting the haze on the days it was clear for us.

The effects of the Volcanic output on the plants close to the Volcano were significantly impacted by the high acidity and the people living there reported that they had not seen the plants so yellow and burnt looking in the past. Another aspect is that the Island of Hawaii, despite what the weather maps would seem to show, the rains seemed to pass the area over and maybe drop their precious resource higher up on Mauna Loa.

We were able to visit some Green Tea being grown, as seen above. Also the Kahili Ginger, which tends to take over the under lying floor of the forest and is really more invasive and a bit hard to get rid of. It's very successfull in spreading.

So all-in-all the trip was very informative of a place that is so different, even though it's an Island that sits right next door to Maui. It really shows how each area does need it's one accessment and requirements. Our soils being geologically new and on the acid side is quite different from the soils in the Mainland and Europe, where there may be higher levels of alkaline soil.

Aloha to all from Hawaii. and a big Mahalo to our host and the many people that helped to pull off the conference and the ability to bring the knowledge and education of our excellent Speakers.

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