Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Waiting In Hawaii

I was up at 4:30am on my way to Starbucks and it looked like a Friday night on the roads. I tried to pull into gas station to put water on my windshield and all the gas stations had a line right our into the road. I'm wondering why there are so many people out that early on a Saturday Morning, then I remembered the 7.5 earthquake yesterday morning off Japan and then just before bed getting the Tsunami warning about the 8.5 earthquake of Chile coming in on my Blackberry right before going to bed.

Knowing how Alaskan and South American earthquakes historically are the ones that Hawaii worries about I read the warning, but Hawaii wasn't listed. I went to bed and wondered what it would say this morning about Chile, also knowing the time frame involved for the wave to reach Hawaii, I wasn't too concerned.

After looking at the traffic so early on a Saturday and then remembering the Tsunami warning, it suddenly clicked that that's why so many people were out and about.

So at just before 5am I walked into Starbucks and they were talking about it. I got my coffee and sat down to start working, but before I could finish even opening my computer bag, the employee came up and said they were closing up.

I packed up, took my coffee and made my way in the dark to Walmart down the street and saw it filling up fast. When I walked in and saw a crowd of people and a full staff of workers unloading batteries, toilet paper, bags of rice and just about everything else they thought people would be wanting. Talk about an Economic Stimulus. The stores made money, but a lot of people bought stuff they may not need today or necessarily be able to afford. I guess it's good to have on hand.

My heart goes out for those directly affected in Chile.

So far it's about 30 minutes past the estimated arrival time in Hilo, Hawaii and watching it all on TV via a Skype connection, there's not much happening. They say the estimated time can be off and we need to be at least 2 hours past the estimated time of arrival before they will begin issuing an all clear.

If it plays out like it is so far, it was a lot of work getting ready and more to do to put everything away after. That all may have to wait until this evening or tomorrow.

The whole Pacific region and rim has had quite a few of 6 and 7 earthquakes over the last year with no real effects. I guess it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially in light of the devastation that has occurred in other places of the world.

Ed Teixeira of the State civil Defense department is feeling good about things, but still stressing that people keep their guard up for awhile more. The Samoa Tsunami hit it's largest wave an hour and a half after the estimated time of arrival and the warning had already been dropped to an advisory level.

So as of 11:501am on Maui, it's bright and sunny and Hilo is still looking good. Guess I'll get back on later if any more develops.

Pictures looking towards the Kahului Harbor on Maui. Not much of a different look than any other.

Well, I guess the internet can't handle, because I can't up load any pictures right now. Looks like the surfers are all already starting to hit the beach.

Good Practice run anyways. Maybe everyone made their own Mind Movie of it not hitting.

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