Monday, February 8, 2010

Whole Foods Comes to Maui This Month

They finally took down the boards covering the new Whole Foods Market located in the Maui Mall where the old Star Market used to be.

I had a chance this evening to get a few pictures from the outside looking in. While not fully stocked and a few things left to be done, they are progressing along.

It should be a good thing for the local farmers and hopefully even more incentive to push the farmers to think in a more sustainable and healthier way of growing the food in the islands, especially on Maui.

Hopefully between the various "Health Food Markets" located on Maui, we will have a better selection of wholesome and nutritious foods to choose from and help to prevent adding too many "food miles" to what we choose to eat.

Here are a few pictures for the blog and I hope to add more pictures and information to my website Unfortunately, I have neglected the website for awhile and need to get it more up to date. Blogging the info out is so much quicker and easier for me.

With that said, here are a few pictures for the blog.

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