Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maui Sun Versus Texas Snow

I was working at one of our sites with the best views looking out over Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii towards the Island of Lanai on a blue sky day with a few white puffy clouds floating overhead occasionally. In the view was the cruise ship and many other ships anchored of the Lahaina Harbor. The ocean was flat and calm. There was little if any breeze and the sun was shining bright. I can't say the same about today though. It rained on and off today.

I was talking on the phone to an engineer located in Texas that had been working from home for the past two days because the snow was so bad. I can't relate too much having never been in any myself, but I couldn't help myself and sent him a picture of what I was looking at while asking him questions about the equipment I was working on.

He replied with a short message about us Hawaii guys not knowing how good we have it and then sent me a picture from his phone that he took while trying to go out to get some lunch from home. Most definitely different worlds. Just the Saturday before I was at the beach and catching some video of the Whales slapping their tails just off shore of Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.

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